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Estimating Demo Work??

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  • Estimating Demo Work??

    Hi all, this is my first post and I'm looking forward to some feedback hopefully.

    It seems that there's no clear-cut way on how to estimate demo work. Some go with 25% of install time (explanation below), some itemize all the steps involved and apply a labour unit to each step and some just say "2 men, 2 days."

    I've been using the method of allowing for demo 25% of install time. I'm thinking in reverse, really. So, for example, if it takes 1 hour to install a toilet I'll allow 15 mins for demo; if it takes 3 hours to install a medium-sized gas fired unit heater (according to my labour book), I'll allow 45 mins to remove/demo (this is just an example to keep things simple...actual times may vary...ha ha)

    Any suggestions for a newbie like me? Tips? How do you all estimate/allow for demoltion time?


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    Re: Estimating Demo Work??

    Never equate Demolition on a project as a % of the work your going to perform.

    You quote the demolition by walking the job, taking notes and calculating the following.

    1. Labor in time to;

    a. Prep for the demolition.
    b. Time to do the demolition.
    c. Waste Hauling the Demolition.
    d. clean up and prep for work to be done.
    e. Operational profit needed to sustain the business.
    f. How many men will you need, and skill level

    2. Permits if required.

    3. Waste hauling requirements. On site 3rd party trash bin, customers bin, or haul away to a facility. This includes the labor, wear and tear on vehicle if you waste haul yourself, fuel, insurance, and other operational expenses.

    4. specialized tools to do the demo work and do they use exhaustible parts, ie: saw blades, torch = gas, fuel, etc...

    Once you calculate all these items your good to go.


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      Re: Estimating Demo Work??

      I get T&M on demo, because you never know what your gonna run in to.


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        Re: Estimating Demo Work??

        don't confuse demo with removal of existing fixtures.

        it typically takes longer to remove old rotted faucets than it takes to install new faucets.

        yet it's faster to remove a heater than to install the new one.

        the demo job i underbid was a few years ago on a 75 gal heater in a basement with a 22'' x 22'' floor access lid.

        i figured i'll just strip the shell and use my double blade carbide cutter to split the tank and take it out in pieces. 3 hours later and 1 tool destroyed, i was finished. not to mention all the hot metal shrapnel that embedded into my arms.

        you really need to use experience and common sense. there is no real % number for everything we encounter.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Estimating Demo Work??

          OK, I'll charge 25% to demolish ,and clean site, of the worth, of the new house across the street! Really? Interesting.
          I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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            Re: Estimating Demo Work??

            I do all the work in new baths Myself. Sometimes sub tile only. Demoing mud set tile is a bear! Sometimes I cross hatch it with My 14" Hilty gas saw. Would You price this the same as glue on dry wall tile ? Good luck ,You're getting some good advice from the members here. Ditch the Percentage of new work, could be Grohe or Delta ?
            I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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              Re: Estimating Demo Work??

              The only percentage you can count on, is your quote being wrong, 90% of the time, if you base your demo on a percentage of job. Water surgeon said it best, do a walk through. Aint no other way. Don't want to take the time to do a walk through, then you should walk away. Otherwise, you may be taking lots of time, working for free, when the job site, aint nothing like you thought, or was described. Been doing this over 30 yrs, & have yet to see 2 jobs alike.

              Looked at a job in a 2 story commercial building last year, where the 2nd floor office was expanding, & needed new bathrooms installed. Owner told me it was an easy job. Had to core holes through concrete floor. No big deal right? ............. Wrong!
              There was an art gallery below this office, that had all the walls & ceilings, covered with silk covering, not to mention, the thousands of dollars in paintings. And I'm suppose to core holes, run drain & water above all this? With the help I had at the time, I could just see, purple primer, & water stains all over the paintings, & walls If I took this job, I would of kept my insurance co. on speed dial.


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                Re: Estimating Demo Work??

                Fess,very important on Your estimate. WORK ACCESS ! In hilly S.F. I have had work 79 steps up a hill side! to boot the wood Rail ties were slippery green liken in the rain!
                I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .