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  • I need info... SEPTIC info...

    I have been asked to make a presentation at the annual meeting of the Onsite Wastewater Association of Idaho (OWAI) in Boise in March. They want something from an installer's or service provider's point of view. I have been aware for some time that Idaho state code walks a fine line between functional and undersized septic drainfields, which causes many premature failures due to hydraulic overloading of the soils. I have decided to speak on how Idaho's calculations regarding estimated average daily residential wastewater flow stack up against other states around the country, and what that information means to our installers, engineers, and regulators in the field.

    I need help in compiling the necessary information. The following is a list of the information that would be helpful to me.

    In your state or county:
    1. What is the minimum estimated daily flow which you design your systems for, and how many bedrooms is the minimum based on? (for example a minimum of design flow of 240 GPD for a 2 bedroom home)
    2. How many gallons per day design flow do you add per additional bedroom?
    3. Do you size systems differently for different types of homes? (economy, custom, or luxury home)
    I would also like specific state or county jurisdiction if you feel comfortable sharing your location. I promise to not use any names in the presentation, only locations. Feel free to PM the info to me if you wish.

    Thanks to all in advance.

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    Re: I need info... SEPTIC info...

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