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So you are working on a WC ...

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  • So you are working on a WC ...

    Got it un clogged ...

    Install new ballcock ...

    hooking up trap primer to overflow ... overflow tube snaps off ... do you call building owner in another city to authorize the extra 30 minutes + parts which will also take 30 minutes

    or do damage control later ...

    damned if you do ... damned if you don't

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    Re: So you are working on a WC ...

    I call for approval at another hour plus parts......because I am assuming you didn't break it on purpose.....things break and need fixing.....unless this is a GREAT customer that makes you a lot of money and you will have a small cost in parts....
    Poor Planning On Your Part Does Not Constitute An Emergency On My Part!!
    You can fire me...but you can't tell me what to do!



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      Re: So you are working on a WC ...

      I call those " coincidental " repairs. And yes, charge them. Just a very minimal price, really just cover your cost on time and material.