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    Just finished repiping the header to comply with the building department's requirement for a swing joint on the header. Not thrilled with the ells at the equalizer, but had to get the heat on. A clevis hanger will support the 4". Skimming the boiler now because my guys did not clean the oil out of the pipes like I do.

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    Re: Drop header

    Trying to figure out how to upload pics from my phone while skimming.


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      Re: Drop header

      Without those swing joints on the header the expansion can and will tear the boiler apart at the upper press nipples. PITA yes, but necessary. Especially on larger boilers.


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        Re: Drop header

        NH Master is right. Every steam boiler manufacturer requires a swing joint

        As a rule, if I'm doing any steam piping I always include doing a skim afterwards.

        What product are you using to skim? I had been using liquid Boiler Colloid but can't find it locally anymore. Stuck with using powder Squick.
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          Re: Drop header

          I certainly do install swing joints on my steam boilers. At the time the boiler was installed, I had to get the heat on right away for a desperate landlord with litigious tenants. I was more than happy to change the header over when not in crisis mode. My point was not whether to use swing joints, but the use of a drop header. This is my 3rd one, and I learned it from Dan H.'s books. Here is the pic.
          When I fabricate near boiler piping, and wash the pipes inside with solvent or degreaser, I have no oil issues. My guys who fabbed the header in the shop did not take such precautions. I used MEX to speed up the skimming process. Admittedly, my biggest challengeClick image for larger version

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