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W.h. And boiler t+p blow off plumbing

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    Re: W.h. And boiler t+p blow off plumbing

    Originally posted by NYC LMP View Post
    I do a mix of everything. Small shop. Myself and 4 guys. One guy does apartment repairs in the 'hood. Lost one van there. I split my time in the office and doing the difficult jobs. Too spread out. Ductile iron, Backflow preventers, oil water separators. Just did new bathrooms with core drilling, wc and lav carriers and fixtures. Myself. Science lab w/acid waste pipe. Tough to stock things in an organized manner. I can be on an aerial lift and on a computer doing certified payroll in the same morning.
    I tend to use Burnham. Steam mostly, nothing huge. Installed a burnham ES2 with a chimney liner. Pretty nice, time will tell. I use a combustion analyzer on my installs.
    I am wondering about the use of a trap on a relief valve...
    To be're dealing with a much different type of dwelling than I and most people do living in New York and those BIG 100 yr old buildings. I'm about 30 minutes outside of Philly (I don't work there thank god), and I don't envy you one bit for what you have to put up with up there.

    We still have some towns around me and in the City that have steam, but it's absolutely dying here. In 25 years, I've probably installed maybe 8-10 steam pop has done way more..I just don't see it enough.

    Most everything has been converted to hot water, and oil boilers are starting to fade fast around here cause of the oil prices. I've been doing a lot of Oil to Gas boilers lately, and lot's of chimney linings going on around here as well.

    Burnham isn't far from me at all...matter of fact, we have quite a few of the giant Boiler manufactures right here in Pa. We use Columbia boilers (Utica makes their Cast Iron for them), and we are big fans of their steel boilers and only install them on summer/winter hook up's. I'm not a fan of installing a separate W.H. along side the boiler, unless the customer specifically asks for it. In our opinion, we don't think a steel boiler with an indirect fired water heater can be beaten for recovery and hot water demands with residential. It's an expensive install...but both those tanks are just incredible.

    We got a combustion analyzer a few years ago, as I was taught the old school way, which I'm sure you were as well. With these manufactures making these boilers so tight...there is a need for them today, but back in the day they didn't have them. My father ate some humble pie a few years ago, cause he couldn't set the burner up correctly on a boiler, cause he couldn't see the fire on this new type of boiler we were installing. We had too much air and it was knocking the spark/flame out and shutting off on reset. My pop has 40 years in the Heating and Oil side of things...and it's the only time I seen him in 39 years not be able to fix something. We had Beckett Rep who came out...and the first thing he said was.."where is your analyzer at"? We actually bought the analyzer 3 weeks before this job, and I didn't know how to use it then. He absolutely agreed with my dad on seeing the fire...but with this particular boiler...COMBUSTION ANALYZER!!! I still break my dad's ball's over that one, cause he likes to "gloat" a lot to me. The Beckett Rep was cool as hell though..and gave us a bunch of free stuff (over $200.00 worth). But we have to clean that boiler this summer...and well..if it goes off on re-set and my analyzer is screwed up...I'll know the problem at least.
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      Re: W.h. And boiler t+p blow off plumbing

      Originally posted by toolaholic View Post
      On condensate in S.F. I ran into a condensate pump plumbed in pvc into a laundry sink. Satisfied inspector. Can never dump on ground in S.F. Marin Co. ground dump OK
      Tool - condensate line into a laundry sink is fine my friend..I've done it a few times as well cause I had no other choices.


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        Re: W.h. And boiler t+p blow off plumbing

        out here a t and p has to terminate to an approved location. also no traps or uphill on the line. rule of thumb is minimum 6'' above the ground to prevent bugs from crawling up and plugging it and maximum 24'' to prevent people from walking under and getting scalded.

        phoebe it is