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Warranty Disclaimer ?

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  • Warranty Disclaimer ?

    Warranty Disclaimer ?

    I came up with this ... Anyone care to help me improve it ?


    We install items purchased from outside sources by our customers as a courtesy. The customer takes full responsibility for failure of these items .If an item needs to be removed due to defects with that item the customer understands that labor to do so is their responsibility .

    Further cost of repairs to an item supplied by a customer shall be at the customers expense .

    We also install items to an existing plumbing system as a courtesy. Problems with existing plumbing systems are the customers responsibility .

    Examples of the above are : Dripping faucet , running toilet, inadequate flushing , clogs due to defects in customers lines, leaking seals on basin drains or tank to bowl, leaks in supply lines furnished by customer, there are other examples not listed here but basically anything preexisting or supplied by customer .

    Courtesy does not imply at no cost.

    Agreed to by customer ________________________________________

    Dated this day _______________________________________________

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    Re: Warranty Disclaimer ?

    They word "courtesy" has implication that you are doing a bit of a favor, not sure if that is the intention, especially given the rest of the disclaimer language.

    Why not just say:

    We install parts and service fixtures in your plumbing system under the following conditions:

    1) If the part is provided by the customer and does not function as intended, the cost of installation and any costs to replace or repair are the responsibility of the customer
    2) If the part is provided by the customer, any warrantee provided by the part manufacturer is solely between the customer and the manufacturer
    3) The customer acknowleges that the plumbing system may have pre-existing faults such as leaking faucets, pipes, valves, toilets and water heaters. We will point out such faults to the extent of our ability before commencing any work, but are not responsible for repairing these faults unless explicitly instructed by the customer as part of the work-order.


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      Re: Warranty Disclaimer ?

      Customer Provided Material

      If a customer provides material, it is the customer’s responsibility for the integrity of that material. (Acme Plumbing) cannot take responsibility for the quality of any customer provided material or any defects discovered during or after installation of said material. If a problem is discovered, it is the customer’s responsibility to contact the seller of the material and have them correct the shortcoming. Any time loss caused by defective materials is chargeable to the customer. Any time spent correcting problems related to faulty customer supplied material will be billed to the customer. If customer provided material is not timely provided or is provided incompletely and this results in lost productivity for (Acme Plumbing), such losses may be charged to the customer. When customers provide material, said material will be placed in the immediate proximity of its final installation location. If (Acme Plumbing) is required to transport customer provided material, the customer will be subject to a hauling fee.

      Please sign your acceptance below.

      ________________ __________________
      customer date


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        Re: Warranty Disclaimer ?

        Good Stuff ! Thanks !


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          Re: Warranty Disclaimer ?

          Wiley Coyote -Acme Plumbing's RMO


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            Re: Warranty Disclaimer ?

            I charge my customers extra to install their own stuff, just like a restaraunt will charge you a corking fee to bring your own wine into their establishment. It always seem to cost me something, usually in time to make their stuff work. I tell them up front that if I am not supplying the material, if something is wrong with it, it is on their dime to repair. If I supply it, its on me. More than once I have had upset customers because they thought I was kidding when I said this, we find out there is a problem with the material, and I charge them to make it right.
            We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!