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Kohler valvet repair

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  • Kohler valvet repair

    Does anyone have any issues repairing kohler commercial hand wash faucets with k30002 and k30004 stems. Ive tried the oem plastic and the wolverine brass repair kits and neither work very good. Am i missing something when i replace them, I repair a lot of faucets but these give me issues.

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    Re: Kohler valvet repair

    look inside with the barrel removed and see if the inside valve bodies need a 1/2'' wire brushing and flushing of deposits to allow the snap in seat to seal properly.

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      Re: Kohler valvet repair

      I normally don't have any trouble with them.... but let me tell you about a nightmare.
      I gave a customer a quote to replace the valvet stems in her tub she agrees with the price I replace them with Wolverine Brass brand but they leak?? so I play and play with them... keeps leaking??? so I try another set of the WB valvet stems... same thing.... worked and worked for hours even tried a third set of WB valvets could not figure it out.... long story short Wolverine Brass had made them wrong.. they were just a fraction of an inch too short so when you tightened them it would leak but comparing them to the old they looked perfect... had to ask another plumber WTF am I doing wrong... he got a kohler brand out of his truck... worked fine! the WB rep took them back and told me they did have a little problem.... wished I knew that before.


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        Re: Kohler valvet repair

        They buy from Plumbmasters. Not usually different on prices though. Some of their stems don't open as far either. Had one OEM and Plumbmasters, the OEM turned out several more times. Homeowner couldn't deal with it. It's rare though.
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          Re: Kohler valvet repair

          Get the valves with the brass plungers or ceramic discs from Hodes Co. or The Faucet Shoppe. They are generic not OEM, but they work great. I quit using those plastic plunger pieces of junk years ago.

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            Re: Kohler valvet repair

            I started using the ceramic disc version since I saw them. I hate those stems, I have had this problem before. I also notice that on the OEM ones sometimes the nylon washer on the bottom of the barrel comes with a big split down it. POS in my opinion.

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