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  • Biggest piece of junk.....

    The Sanicompact! Worked for almost year then the pump went out. Sent it back under warranty. Came back with a working pump but it didn't want to stop flushing. Figured the board or switches. They took it back under warranty. Replaced both bad switches. Install it again.....same problems. Now, I had already checked the pressure of the house and it was 65 psi. I figure, the PRO is 20 years old, change it, lower the pressure just in case the actuator was not able to close. Set to 45 psi....still wont stop flushing. So, send it back yet again. This time they are sending me a new unit with the electronic flush switches instead of the air switch. Install it, instantly leaks. It leaks out of the pump housing! Now, I didn't mention the ridiculous questions posed by tech support, but they are super. Here was the last comment, did you install the water supply feed?....I say in thought (D!ckhead) I say did you find the leak?....I brought it outside and used a garden hose to fill the tank only....sir, you need to hook it up to the toilet thought (D!CKHEAD). So, they are sending me another one.

    Best part, the homeowner some how thinks I am doing it for free.
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    Re: Biggest piece of junk.....

    This is why I will never ever install those gimmicky toilets from saniflo, and I get lost of customers asking about it.

    Last year, I had a new customer call that had one of these systems installed, and it couldn't handle the demand it was taking. It also leaked at the toilet, and they wanted it taken out for the traditional way after only a year.

    One time I also had a new customer call me over to give him an estimate on finishing his bathroom in the basement. Now this house was absolutely beautiful and expensive, and he spared no expense, except for the Plumbing in this bathroom when I saw a saniflo sitting there. The entire basement was done except for the bathroom which was just studded out. As soon as I saw this system, i told him he had the wrong guy there. I told him I don't install those systems, and he will be changing it within a year. I walked out and never heard back from him....don't think he liked my answer.

    The bottom line is, I'm not going to install something like that, and then go through the headaches you are. Homeowners see this stuff, and automatically assume it's a cheap way to have Plumbing install anywhere. Then when the thing breaks, they expect you stand behind it and run all over hells creation to get parts for the damn thing...NO THANK YOU! I'll let the hacks have all the saniflo's they want tio install.


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      Re: Biggest piece of junk.....

      Our local authority has had so many problems with home owners that it gets them to sign a form outlining all the associated problems with the Saniflo. If they are still stupid enough to install them they do so at there own risk with none of it coming back to the City authority or the plumber.

      I am like the reply above, I have left when the homeowner was telling me that I would be installing a Saniflo to the toilet because they did not think that toilet was installed in the right place in the unit and that it would work better on the other side of the unit. When I was walking out the door I suggested a smart person would have noticed this glaring fact before they bought the unit.



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        Re: Biggest piece of junk.....

        Originally posted by Gettinit View Post
        Best part, the homeowner some how thinks I am doing it for free.
        So are you going to surprise them with a $2000 bill?
        We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!