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Rigid Drain K-40G PF

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  • Buggy Whip
    started a topic Rigid Drain K-40G PF

    Rigid Drain K-40G PF

    I just purchased a new drain cleaner. The problem I'am having is that the cable for some reason seems to hang up on something in my 2" kitchen plastic waste line causing me to break my 5/16"cable w/bulb auger.Am I better off putting a 3/8" cable on my new machine with some other type of auger? And if I do put a 3/8" cable on my drain cleaner will I still be able to go thru the 2" p trap?

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    buggy whip, the k40 machine takes a lot to get used to. there is a feel you need with the power feed. i've owned one of the first ones to come out and was very disappointed with it. it now sits in my shop waiting for a good reason to put it in my truck. they have made an improvement to the cable and put a "speed hump" in it to allow for a better feel when the cable is at its end.
    a 3/8'' bulb end cable doesn't have that hump. it will get through a 2'' trap as long as it's a bulb end. not a male coulping end.

    your kitchen has a 2'' trap? is the waste dirty arm longer than 3'-6''? i try to remove traps when it's practical.


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