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    We have great news from RIDGID! We are getting ready to launch a new line of ALUMINUM End Wrenches! They will be available in 10", 14", 18" and 24" models. These wrenches are 40% lighter than the traditional Iron End Wrenches.

    End Wrenches are great for use in tight places where traditional pipe wrenches may not fit. When you are in between studs, under a sink or where many pipes are running close together. The angle of the handle provides a larger "swing-arc" that makes breaking fittings and turning pipes virtually no work at all.

    Lighter does not mean weaker, these wrenches are built to last and hold the same warranty all RIDGID wrenches do! I am very excited about this launch. Expect to see these June 2001!
    Matt Ondrejko<BR>Hand Tools Product Manager<BR>Ridge Tool Company

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    Call me too lazy to look for them... [img]smile.gif[/img]
    Do you have a link to view these?


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      Right now I do not have pictures set up on the web. I am working to get those up by the end of the week. Keep checking.
      Matt Ondrejko<BR>Hand Tools Product Manager<BR>Ridge Tool Company


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        For a sneak peak at the new 535-A Automatic Threading Machine website, go to It's still somewhat of a work in progress, but I do have some information for the curious. I hope to have an FAQ next week and video after that.

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          Available for order now, Ridge Tool is introducing the MLT3401 Direct Tap machine. This new tool will be available for delivery in June. The MLT3401 will perform direct taps to branch service lines off of existing water mains. Unlike Ridge Tool's other tapping tools, the RT1000 & RT3422, the MLT3401 does not require the use of a permanent saddle fixture around the pipe. The MLT3401 does have the versatility of converting to a saddle tapping tool if required though. Direct taps can be made for 3/4" or 1" valves and saddle taps can be made from 3/4" to 2" for saddle mounted valves.

          More information will be available on this web site soon! Look for this great new tapping tool at your RIDGID distributor!


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            We don't have the new aluminum end wrenches up on the web yet because we are waiting on some good quality images of them.

            In the mean time. Take a look at this. Its a section of one of our new products fliers that I scanned in. Its not high quality, its just a big jpg but its readable.

            Until we get the official page up...

            Later, Josh


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              Seen the pic...thanks.

              That's just too sexy in aluminum

              Now I hafta wait a year until they get to Canada...still no sign of that new spring-loaded mini-cutter here.


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                I just posted a brief video about the new SeeSnake Compact at I don't have it in the New Products area of the website yet, but I'll post the press release in the News and Events topic of the Forum.

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