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Plumbing question on a boating forum ...LOL

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  • Plumbing question on a boating forum ...LOL

    Needed to entertain myself for about an hour and while doing so I found this on my boating forum ...

    Kind of entertaining ... Hope he gets it figured out ...

    " Question for plumbers out there.

    I have an older house. I recently changed out the sink in the master bath. When I did it I had a slow drip around the drain pipe that connects to the trap pipe. We had company coming so I put a bowl under it to deal with it later. I got back to it the following saturday and the bowl had about 1 inch of really nasty yellow water that was kind of thick like it was starting to turn into a gel. It didn't look like it was normal drain water from brushing teeth and washing up etc..I cleaned all that up and corrected the leak but now I have a foul smell coming from that sink. I pulled the P-trap off and it had the yellow liguid in it but it was enough liquid to seal the p-trap. It is almost like sewage is back flowing into the p-trap. I did not have this problem before changing the sink and the pipes are all the original length. I read that maybe a clogged roof vent might cause this. I don't have any trees so I don't know what may have clogged it if that is the case. How do I fix this. I definately appreciate any help. "


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    Re: Plumbing question on a boating forum ...LOL

    Hi NoeEttica,

    First it is necessary that you understand the source and cause(s). Sewage smell is caused by decomposition of sewage throughout the entire system, including the sewer mains.
    Any opening in the sewer system will allow vapors to escape. As a matter of fact, the plumbing system vents sticking up above your roof are there to vent any such gasses at a height which is considered to be far enough away from human activity to not interact with people.


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      Re: Plumbing question on a boating forum ...LOL

      Forget about laughing on the boating forum - now I'm laughing at this thread. LOL.


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        Re: Plumbing question on a boating forum ...LOL

        Now, this thread should be full of answers...LOL


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          Re: Plumbing question on a boating forum ...LOL

          I think Lenny Bruce may have used that sink.