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Hercules MegaBubble leak detector

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  • Hercules MegaBubble leak detector

    Have no idea how it works on actual gas leaks, but this stuff found 3 air leaks in tires that defied detection with homemade soapy water. One had been making me crazy as it took about two weeks to leak down. Thumbs up; the stuff works.
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    Re: Hercules MegaBubble leak detector

    try windex next time with no ammonia as it will eat stainless steel on flexes.

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      Re: Hercules MegaBubble leak detector

      Been using megabubble for years.Got tired of not being able to find microleaks.


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        Re: Hercules MegaBubble leak detector

        I use them and Big Blue. Both work well. Most all of these types of leak detectors are corrosive and need to wiped dry, rinsed somehow, and then dried again. I don't think Snoop will rust black iron. For tires, a bathtub with Dawn unless you have a wife like mine. If so, I think the auto store usually carries Wagners* spray cleaners. I think its a bleach white. Anyway, 50/50 with water does the trick.
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          Re: Hercules MegaBubble leak detector

          Snoop works. Also safe for stainless steel. Use it all the time on 304 and 316 SS instrument tubing and on copper tubing.
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