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  • No more tool bag

    Why do I have one? For quite some time now, I've been leaving the tool bag in the van and putting the tools I need into a plastic bin. Guess I'm tired of picking up a 50+lb bag. Was thinking of installing one of these. Craftsman 26" 3-Drawer Quiet Glideā„¢ Intermediate Tool Chest - Tools - Tool Storage - Middle Chests

    has anyone ditched the bag and what are your thoughts?
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    Re: No more tool bag

    Yeah, I ditched her. But now am paranoid.

    Depends on what your doing. I've used just about everything. Tool box, bag, Veto, plastic tool tray. Now I have a tool box and an open tool tote with pretty much equal tools. I go to the open tote and pick what I want when I have a pretty good idea that I only need a few hand tools. Think I'm gonna' need more, I grab the tool box. (Plastic-lighter) One of the main reasons I've went back to the tool box is that I kept needing a seat or stool to stand on.

    I have one of those you have linked. But it's the actual tool-box with the handle on top. Way too heavy so it sits on a workbench at the shop.


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      Re: No more tool bag

      My old truck had a mechanics tool box bolted into the far front of the cargo area. Was nice to keep all the hand tools in one place and well organized
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        Re: No more tool bag

        ben, that craftsman you linked is way too light weight for a moving vehicle.

        this is the one i've had for 3.8 years in my truck and it locks. plus it supports the k-60 on the top of it too without any issues. adam has the same.

        it might be a harbor freight unit, but it will put most other boxes to shame.

        7 Drawer Red End Cabinet for Roller Tool Chest

        phoebe it is


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          Re: No more tool bag

          That's a nice size stack of drawers for in a van Rick. Good choice I think.
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