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Grundfos Constant Pressure

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  • Grundfos Constant Pressure

    Any of you work on Grundfos Constant Pressure well systems?

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    Re: Grundfos Constant Pressure

    Anyway, I have some.

    More information. I have a customer that is getting a "noise" somewhere in the plumbing system. Replaced the tank on the system with the correct size with correct pressure adjusted. Other one busted internally. Keep getting asked about a larger one. I've explained that it's the correct size designated for the system and that a larger one will do nothing. Plus these systems aren't made to rely on tanks for cycling but rather for a hydraulic buffer.

    Nothing on the self diagnosis of the system either.

    Could be wrong. All opinions welcome.



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      Re: Grundfos Constant Pressure

      Somewhere? Are they just now noticing the creaking noises from the hot water pipes rubbing the joists or studs? You know how some people just start hearing everything once a problem raises its head.
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        Re: Grundfos Constant Pressure

        I'm no pro on the constant pressure pumps. I use their 3" subs but not the variable speed. I doubt that anything in the pump would be making any noise short of the ball bearings in the motor is it's old enough for the bearings to dry out. And bearings are pretty easy to diagnose.


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          Re: Grundfos Constant Pressure

          Have you heard this noise? Also did you raise the pressure from what the old system was? If this is not water hammer then maybe look to thermal expansion as I have had this complaint and solved with Expainsion tank but you'll have to check for pressure creep after the heater kicks on. But really need to know more about the sound? And yes installed many sqe systems.