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Freezing in the cold

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  • Freezing in the cold

    I had a chuckle about some recent day to day events. In Winnipeg Canada, our temperatures have been nothing short of horrifically amazingly and $%^&*&^ cold. For the past week and counting, our geograghical spot has been sitting at -40 Celsius which is where the Farenheit scale shows the same number. Add the wind chill factor and it drops to -54C. Anyway, it's not that bad. With heat guns at the ready, we plumbers are revered as angels of salvation. OK, Back to my chuckle. One of my fellow plumbing contractors calls me up to see if they could use my freezing machine. It's never cold enough up here I guess. The next day another one of my cohorts makes the same request. Freezing water lines at -50.
    Have a good day.

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    Hi, here in norway it gets cold,but,until now,not that cold.I feel for you.Hilsen Chris.