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Loving my new, new truck, too

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  • Loving my new, new truck, too

    Don't want to steal Seamy Deeps thunder, but I just picked a '12 Toyota Tacoma off the lot yesterday. Been driving Chevy PU's since Dec '67. Last one was an '09 3500HD that gets 12mpg if I'm real careful.
    My new toy will about double that. At $4 plus a gallon, I just had enough and since I'm not throwing pipe in the ground any more, I guess it was just time. My wife wants to know why they only sold me half of a truck. And the neighbors have chirped in along the same lines as well. I can take whatever they dish out. The smile on my face every time I pass a gas station says it all.

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    Re: Loving my new, new truck, too

    Just filled up for the first time. Got about 22 mpg without any conservation efforts. i think I can do better.