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  • Come All, Help (Video)

    Hey guys,

    I was checking out some plumbing how to's and donts and came across this video. I was kinda confused at this. My question to you all is if this was blocked and never backed up. How is it that if it was blocke already why did it come back out in the yard. Doesn't that mean its still blocked if its coming out in the street. It seem like this back graded or the force is so great from it being unblocked that its backing out the cleanout as it is passing the tee? what you guys think

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    Re: Come All, Help (Video)

    Still blocked downstream.


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      Re: Come All, Help (Video)

      he was snaking back upstream. yet based on the solids and remnants in the riser, there is a stoppage downstream and real close to the cleanout.

      possibly right at the connection of the tee.

      phoebe it is