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  • Shower stall/pan

    Perplexed here. Re-doing lower bathroom, ripped out to studs. Everything by-by.Started new.
    Looking for fiberglass unit - they come in a zillion sizes/shapes but they don't have one that's close drain hole wise to what I have. The old one was "elevated" on 2x treateds, my guess is that was why. I can get w/i an inch of center on S/O pan but time is 2 weeks plus.
    So - anyone here elevated one to address similar issue? I realize I can reframe walls to use one in stock at BORG but area is small and hate to give up 6" as toilet is close to stall.

    If I was to elevate on platform, and use a bend and elbow in piping, what issues can happen? Cleanout would require smaller cutter if/when needed to work angle but anything else you can think of?

    Stuck until I get this done and the tile is looking at me with a frown
    I'll post up in other area too - thanks. The BORG chaps are not real helpful....
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    You may want to call a plumber and have him re rough in the 2" waste for the new shower. If you can cut the trap riser low enough then use 2 street 22deg to off set the one inch you need.With out seeing it i can't help much more than that.


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      Joe, if you elevate the shower and 45 it over and up it should work but you might have to elevate it alot to accomodate this. Why don't you bust up some cement and start the move at a lower point using 45's. You could use a hammer drill to drill a circle and a small electric jack hammer. It doesn't matter if you make a mess, it's under the shower anyway. Let us know how you do.