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    Re: Is This Useful?

    Cant buy solid ABS in my my area.
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      Re: Is This Useful?

      We had one plumber try to slip some foam core in for a sewer line
      The inspector made him dig it all up and put in sch 40


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        Re: Is This Useful?

        I don't get why some think using foamcore is wrong or going to be a problem.

        If it was minimal code and I thought it would be a problem, I wouldn't install it. I don't want any callback. Even years down the road. There's literally miles upon miles of PVC-foamcore-DWV installed here. Put in commercial and residential. Below slab all the way through the roof.

        No-one has had any problems. None. Not a problem with splitting, shearing, breaking, "rough" interior impeding flow, or joint breakdown. This is going back 20-30 years. I've been under countless numbers of these houses as well with the DWV of this age....and no problems.

        The material might be changed due to application. Ex: Line under a parking lot might have schedule 40 solid pipe with special tamping or fill. May even be ductile iron etc.

        I'm open to some evidence that it's been giving a lot of trouble though if anyone has seen consistent problems.


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          Re: Is This Useful?

          There is nothing wrong with foamcore, and I've never had a problem with it in since I started using it the 90's.

          I've never put foamcore underground but it's absolutely approved here to do so.

          If you people have a problem with foamcore underground, why no outcry for S.D.R. 35?