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    I am not a plumber....I build decks, fences, entertainment centers & bookcases and do trimwork. I have seen plumbers connect copper pipe a few times and the last time I paid a plumber to reconnect a line I sliced into with a shovel, I swore I'd do it myself.

    This happened last week. I was dropping old fence panels and one fell on an unbraced water faucet....clipped it off and the water started gushing. I shut the water off and went to Lowe' me a small torch an elbow, flux, sandpaper and solder wire (already had the pipe cutter from my dad's tools...he used it on the swamp cooler in West Texas when I was a boy). To my great satisfaction, I solved the problem and repaired the line myself! (And it only cost me $33 instead of the $75 it would have to call a plumber!)

    Sure felt good to do it the first time and know the next time it happens, I can fix it myself in a matter of minutes.
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    i too had a similar experience the other day. except mine was a bit more costly for the lesson. i am more of a woodworker, but an electronics technician by trade. i am a diy'r for most things in the home. i am fairly decient at plumbing. i did however have to call a plumber to figure out why my floor drain in the basement was backing up. turns out my main line was clogged and it cost me 200.00 to watch this guy spend about 15 minutes running a power auger through the line. in fact it took him longer to get the equipment to the basement and set up than it took him to do the job. but i learned a valuable lesson that day and will never have to call a plumber for that kind of work again. home depot rents them and i now know how to use them


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      just make sure when you run a machine to wear goodgloves and not cloth ones and also dont pull the cable out of the drain with the machine running as the cable will whip around and do some serious damage and injurys if hit and be sure to never force a cable as it will bind and twist the cable real bad and really give you fits these is a bit more to running a machine then it looks you learn to feel the cable and clogs ect