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    Originally posted by dcman View Post
    Its a great toilet and its the only one I will furnish and install....but what out there doesn't say made in china? LOL!

    To the best of my knowledge, Kohler is still made here. I only use Kohler for commercial. I'm currently in the process of installing 30 new bowls this week and next. The rub is that Kohler can be had at Home Depot and Lowes (except that they are 1.28 and don't require them yet). It Really grinds my gears. Ferguson is the only big Kohler distributor near me and they are about a 30 minute drive from my service area, so not practical if I need one in a pinch it is usually Gerber. My smaller local supply houses all carry Gerber pretty much exclusively. I bought 1 Kohler highline from Home Depot last year because it was the only option on a Sunday.

    The Cimarron is a very nice toilet. The 1.6 Wellworth was our mainstay for many years after many of our distributors stopped carrying Mansfield. I'm not a huge fan of the Class 5/6 flush tower design, but the close couple mounting system on the Cimarron is really easy to install. I have only installed 1 of the new Wellworth tank design thus far and 1 highline. They were ok.
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