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Stainlesssteel floor drain

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  • Stainlesssteel floor drain

    How can one know if a floor drain is of stainless steel material or brass with chrome finish. Believe me they almost look alike and I really face difficulty at times while approving floor drains of stainless steel material. Please give some clue, thanks.*

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    Re: Stainlesssteel floor drain

    Give it a scratch in a inconspicous place and see whats underneath.

    Or get a brass magnet and test it.

    Or weight it and calculate the material based on mass and volume.

    Or grind on it and watch the sparks to determine the type of metal.

    But really I do not have difficulty telling one from the other in most cases. Guess it just comes with expeirence.
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      Re: Stainlesssteel floor drain

      for floor drains the chromed top is usually polished/mirrored and plated over brass. stainless is usually not polished but brushed. stainless may or may not be magnetic, dependent upon the quality of the steel. it will always spark on a grinder. the best way is to call the manufacturer and ASK what they use to make their product.

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