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  • Pop-up Assembly

    For you repair plumbers (like myself), the wolverine brass metal pop-up assembly is excellent. Heavy brass, even the pop-up. Substantial pop-up rod nut. The rubber washer was very tight, perhaps too tight, but it sealed on the first try. A very decent price, too.
    From the looks of their ad, Plumbmaster carries the same pop-up. I believe they are sister companies, are they not?
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    Re: Pop-up Assembly

    Agree 100%. Love wolverine brass faucet line.
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      Re: Pop-up Assembly

      The WB pop up is the best available IMO. Their Faucets (especially the commercial line), P-traps, basket strainers and ball valves are all top notch too.

      Not sure if they are related to Plumbmaster or not. WB has manufacturing in South Carolina.

      Their pricing on press fittings is very competitive too.