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  • Shower Recomendations

    I am having a shower put into my basement. I have browsed around the big box stores and they don't look all that well built. I don't want to have something installed that will crack a couple years from now.

    What would you guys recommend for a 34x48 stall. has to be able to carried through a 32" door.

    Thanks! Josh

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    Re: Shower Recomendations

    I've had awesome experiences with the Swanstone products. The one I installed used panels that clipped to each other and then were attached to the rough studs. The panels were 3/16 to 1/4" thick and also had lower tabs that inserted into whatever base you have. All of my kits parts were installed solely by me, with no helper, and fit into standard openings. Standard saws can cut the resin panels and there are many options for shelves and recessed openings. If you do use these panels make sure to read the instructions twice before you start. The method of sealing the edges is critical.

    If you dont have access to the manufacturer directly you may need to get in touch with your trusted plumber friends.

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      Re: Shower Recomendations

      From the title I was at first thinking you were asking if you needed to shower.

      My response would be yes; your wife and co-workers will appreciate it.
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        Re: Shower Recomendations


        I just installed one of these last week. Very impressed with quality and price. Like most fiberglass bases, easy to install if your rough in is dead on and be sure your pipe coming up through the slab is perfectly level. I liked the lip on the threshold.


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          Re: Shower Recomendations

          Josh, keep in mind no matter which fiberglass base you install, if it cracks it can be repaired in place.


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            Re: Shower Recomendations

            i take it you're not into a tile/ hot mopped stall.

            a nice 1 pc. shower receptor if you can lift it is a terrazzo cast shower base. but those are heavy and pricey.

            stay away from the cheap fiberglass bases. they flex and they crack.

            don't forget to test the base for leaks before you do the walls.

            and don't forget a backwater valve for the basement

            phoebe it is