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reduced hot water volume

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  • reduced hot water volume

    In my parents home the hot water volume or flow rate has reduced in two showers. This happend just after they dug a new well and re-piped the main supply line. I have not tested gpm at each faucet so can tell you how hot compares to cold but I can tell you in the showers you have to go alost max hot to get a warm shower and there is very little adjustment room before you get scalding or cold.

    Just re-modled one shower. Hoped a new single sower valve would solve the problem. Nope.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: reduced hot water volume

    first check for good flow both in and out of the heater. could be something plugged and it will affect the entire house.

    then it could be dirt in the shower valve cartridge. especially a single handle anti scald valve. might need to remove the cartridge and flush out the lines.

    but first verify the heater inlet and outlet volumes.

    phoebe it is