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Power vent water heaters

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  • Power vent water heaters

    When do You choose one ! Only Long runs ?
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    Re: Power vent water heaters

    when the chimney is plugged, falling apart and no liner can go in, or non existent.

    edit: imho if there is a long run then the appliances were installed wrong to begin with. even if the instructions say it's ok, i think it's still bad practice
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      Re: Power vent water heaters

      I gotta agree with Plumber Punky. That's when we install them, when the chimney is falling apart or the liner is so bad it would be pointless to vent it through the chimney because it would leak exhaust gases. I do a fair amount of work in D.C., So a lot of house were built over 50-75 years ago. So a lot of the chimneys where not upgraded, and when the customer finds out about that they don't wanna insue the extra cost, so they either go power or tankless. Either way for me its's a win-win. You get more money to install the power vents anyway. So theirs my 2 cents, don't spend all in one place.
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