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    So drove out north today small community about an hour away. Homeowner tried doing HIS own finishing and didn't take any of my advice so I fixed his leaky sinks leaky faucets and leaking cast iron tub, drove another twenty min threw in a couple frost free hosebibs. Went to next job replace toilet and repair leaking pressure tank. Go to replace compression stop. Thats right tight to the new cedar Wayne's scotting take nut off to find plum, no pharaoh the realise it was soldered on and the nut was done up so go to grab my btank, then the fun starts pull on my Lenox btank was stuck on a roll of wirsbo and bang the brass that connects the regulator to the tank snaps off and breaks doesn't look fixable ...fkuc dammit.... There goes any profit for today... So any recommendations on what you guys are running as far as btank set ups.. guessing your all using turbo torchs?