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Longest lasting commercial heater?

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  • Longest lasting commercial heater?

    I have to replace a 65 gallon 360k BTU natural gas Rheem in a hotel near me. The current one lasted 6 years. I know that's probably the average life for such high usage but which ones have lasted the longest for you guys?

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    Re: Longest lasting commercial heater?

    The powered Titanium anodes in the A.O. Smith Cyclone show a lot of promise.
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      Re: Longest lasting commercial heater?

      The problem most motels have is the original setup is all wrong. A typical hot water system like yours consists of a low volume tank coupled with a high BTU burner. This is a recipe for early failure. Actually, six years at a moderatly active motel is pretty good for that heater.

      If you have the room and a little extra $$ in the budget you could try to talk them into a boiler and separate storage tank like this:

      I would go with this setup before investing the additional money for a high efficiency unit that will be big bucks and longer downtime waiting on parts. This only works if you have the space though.
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        Re: Longest lasting commercial heater?

        Yes if this A.O. SMITH system is installed correctly, It will last many times longer then
        your stand alone and each of the parts can be replaced at different times because the storage tank is not direct fired it will last 10 to 20 years and so will the boiler if maintained properly
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          Re: Longest lasting commercial heater?

          I don't know if they have distribution in FL but you can't go wrong with Bock heaters.
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            Re: Longest lasting commercial heater?

            I like Bock and they are American made. I also rrreeeaaallly like PVI.
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              Re: Longest lasting commercial heater?

              It looks like the consensus of the "old dogs" here, myself included, is to go with a boiler and storage tank.
              I've found it to be a win-win for both the hotel and myself. In your case, a 300k btu HE boiler and a 100 gallon storage tank, means money in the bank.


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                Stay away from Bock! My water heater only lasted just seven years. Bock did nothing to help me even after repeated attempts.