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Customers think we are rich :-(

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  • Customers think we are rich :-(

    Finished up a water system on a mobile home far so good

    added a water heater to the job at cost then the bleeding started !

    I ate the sales tax and Pan + 1"cpvc pan drain

    Then re-attached a closet flange

    Told them that the Lav drain was extra then did that .... got ready to leave and asked for the check for the Lav drain and fittings and they went ballistic :-( I said never mind and walked out ... Sometimes I wonder what I'm in this for ... ( Lav drain involved cutting and re attaching with a fernco and a trip to the home center for 30" supplies the cost i wanted to bill $40.00)

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    Re: Customers think we are rich :-(

    I know how you feel. The only problem with saying "never mind" is that sometimes it feeds the opinion that you were ripping them off if you back off the price that easy. I know you weren't.

    Then again, some are skeptical regardless of what you do. When I was young(er) and dumb(er) I worked for 5 weeks on a job, got $1200 up front, had $1400 in material receipts, spent $700 on a specialty tool for the job, and had a falling out. I was so young and intimidated by their lawyer son, that I had done a lot of work for, I left it be. It devastated us as a young couple expecting a child. Its really the only job I've had go really bad in 25 years. A guy told me to walk away from the job before I even cashed the check. I should have listened.


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      Re: Customers think we are rich :-(

      i know what you mean
      people expect me to make their old computer run the fastest software
      they get upset when the upgrades and software cost more than a new computer.
      also they want the microsoft software for free.
      shooting the s*** is a lot more fun when you use hollow points (much more splatter)

      coffee hell gimme booze!!!


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        Re: Customers think we are rich :-(

        No good deed goes unpunished.