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  • Pipe Busting or Relining

    My cousin is in need of a company in the Buffalo, NY area that will reline his sewer.

    It's all clay tile accessible from one side of the house (a crawl space about 2.5 feet high). From the rear of the house it has a tub, toilet, basin, washer, washtub all in pvc installed a few years ago that connects to some old CI vertical pipe that then drops into the clay.

    Another lateral run of about 15 feet before the second story CI drops in. Then maybe another 35-40 feet before it exits the front of the house. The main lateral trap, also clay, has a vent riser - part clay, part pvc where we made a repair due to collapse a few years ago - and the trap is offset from the sewer under the house about 8 feet, more towards the center of the house. There is about 15 feet or so to the center of the street where the main is located.

    It's a very small city lot but the pipes are accessible. Does anyone have a company they can recommend?

    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder