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Dose Ridgid Recycle?

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  • Dose Ridgid Recycle?

    this question goes out to the good people at ridgid. do yall, or have yall ever had any type of tool recycling program? it seems nowadays that everyone is doing something to take part in the recycling craze. this old texan has seen many a tool get tossed in the can when the tool no longer works. it seems that at least some, if not all, of those broken tools could be born again.
    the colonel

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    We dont sell reconditioned tools, but our Factory Service Centers bring a lot of old ones back to life.


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      I asked a tool sales rep that same question once, and he said that because the average labor rate, and the cost of doing business is so high, that their company could buy 4 or 5 new tools for the same cost that it would take to refurbish 1 old one. Time is money, and in the USA, it's easy to use up 100 dollars worth of time on a 40 dollar part. I guess that's part of the reason why our auto makers are having so much work done in Mexico. I find a lot of good tools at the local flea markets.


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        Aside from replacing jaws on a pipewrench and wheels on a cutter it would be tough to wear out a Ridgid tool. I would be more interested to know what kind of program you have for by-products from production.