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  • it's been a journey

    Howdy All,
    I haven't been on these forums in a few years...I start my plumbing career in 2005, I started with the idea of owning my own Texas at the time I was told it would take around 4 years to get my Journeyman Lic then hold it for 1 year and then I could apply for my Mas Lic. So I went that route...took and passed my J Lic in March of 2009. Went to Cont Ed like I have always done and and they told me the Texas Senate/House had passed a new law saying if you had not received your J-lic by Jan 01, 2009, now you needed to hold it for 4 years prior to applying for your M-lic.

    I was very very bummed, I'd already completed 4 years of College, B.S. in Psychology from Texas A&M University (class of '99 WHOOP!). {not much you can do with it other than go to grad school}.... I called everyone (senator, department of labor, Texas State Plumbing Board) they all told me I was "caught in the wheels of change". So I continued working and waited out my 4 years.

    Fast forward 4 years, this May I took and passed my M-Lic and am now in the process of getting my DBA to start my own plumbing company. The DBA is in the mail to legalzoom, mailed off my notarized form today to their office in Cali.

    My question for those that have already been in business for a while is, how/why do you pick you bank? Do you stay away from the larger "box stores" banks and go w/ the smaller home time banks? Do you pick the ones that have no fees or how/why do you pick the one that you do?

    As far as everything else....I learned in the Marine Corps that anything that doesn't kill me only makes me since I've last posted here, almost 5 years ago, my profile picture has change from me with my 1- 1 year old son to now we have 2 future Aggies, along with working hard I've also focused my time on getting back in shape, I've gone from 235 to 185 and still working on it.

    Glad to be back, I'm sure I'll have many questions about running a successful plumbing company.

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    Re: it's been a journey

    Hi Gus,

    Check out my other link about banks and plumbing business:

    Also, I've found that the local, privately owned banks are much more willing to help. My final approval came from a credit union. I used last year's stubs as proof of income and also used my growing business as additional income. We refinanced many debts, paid off credit cards, and consolidated others. In the consolidation loan, additional money was given for purchase of tools.

    I don't suggest you try the SBA route. The government standards are lenient, but the additional stipulations by the banks are what kills the deal.

    If you read my other thread, remember, you have to do what works for YOU. Others have valid reasons for opinions regarding financing, banks, tools, and (especially) work trucks, but it all comes down to what you need, can afford, and can make work.

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      Re: it's been a journey

      I truly admire you perseverance. Personally, though had I been ready 4 years ago, I would have found a work around the new law.
      Possibly a retired plumber to serve as a "qualifying party" that was willing to supplement his retirement, while also serving as a mentor.

      In addition, I want thank you for your service and let you know that you are surrounded by other Marines, who won't leave you behind if you get in a jam.

      Semper Fi,


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        Re: it's been a journey

        Best of luck to you!

        Semper Fi from me too! 82 -86, Camp Pendleton, Okinawa, 29 Palms, Oh and .... 83 US Festival - Metal day!