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Pee In The Tub/Shower?

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    Re: Pee In The Tub/Shower?

    Originally posted by stolen View Post
    You mean like hang over the edge of the tub and pee in the toilet when taking a shower

    I think my friends are doing this. They must have found out I never seem to pee when I use their pool...

    Actually went to white water bay this summer, OKC's waterparkplace.
    Must have been at least 1000 people there. If not more. I swear the bathrooms were the least crowded place there.
    Near Hudson, Wis. runs the
    "Apple" river. It's well used for floating down using inner tubes. There are times when it seems there are more people then water. It's commonly referred to as the "urine" river. I won't go down it when it's busy.
    Time flies like an arrow.

    Fruit flies like a banana.


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      Re: Pee In The Tub/Shower?

      North of Phoenix, near Sedona, is Oak Creek Canyon. The most popular part of the creek is a naturally formed rock water slide. However, due to high concentrations of certain body fluids, it's use is heavily curtailed during the summer. Seems some folks think it's ok to send their toddlers down the slide wearing only their Pampers.