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  • Need K50 advice

    I scored a used K-50 with an A-30 cable kit and a A-17-B drum. The price on the lot was such a deal I couldn't possibly refuse. I've read the manual, read this forum and still,not being a pro, I have several questions.
    Is the drum with the 3/8" cable appropriate for sink clogs? The last plumber I hired used the 5/16" cable. How much difference does the extra thickness make?
    The 5/8" cable kit has several different tips on it: bulb auger, spade cutter, C-cutter and a long straight auger. Which is used for what purpose?
    I've only watched the unit being used-I've not taken it for the Maiden Voyage yet.
    Any other 'rookie mistakes' I need to be warned about?

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    well, I clean drains and plumb for a living under the clever disguise of Roto-Rooter. 3/8 cable is sufficient for kitchen sink clogs up to the length of your cable. I assume you have about 40 feet. 3/8 is also appropriate for bath tubs if the trap is in good condition - use it lightly here. Also appropriate for Lavatory stoppages and Laundry. Me personally, i wouldn't use 3/8 through a trap, I take the trap off first to reduce the risk of breaking it. 3/8 is generally used for 1 1/4" lines up to 2". 1/4" cable is the best for bathtubs. 5/16" cable is an uncommon size as i use 1/2" cable for 2"-3" lines. Don't ever try to use that cable you have to clear anything larger than what it is designed for - you may damage the cable or worse damage yourself.
    As far as the blades go - I don't use anything but a single knife blade. All the others - drop heads, spears, bulb augers, etc will usually not work out. One of the important factors is also the bend on the end of the cable. You want almost a 45 degree bend about 1 1/2" from blade. You also want to orient the blade in the direction the bend is heading. Sometimes on fragile looking or small lines i don't use a blade for damage control reasons. You want a special bend if your not using a blade. Let me know if you want some pictures of the bends and blades that i use. The rest is technique and experience. [img]smile.gif[/img]