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Earthquake Gas Shutoff Valves

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  • Earthquake Gas Shutoff Valves

    I live in an area that experiences large (for us) earthquakes about every 5 to 10 years. Large here averages 4-6 on the Richter scale. I was looking at the gas shutoff valves and found this company to make a pretty simple LP rated shutoff.

    Have you guys had any experience with this manufacturer? If you have, what can I expect, problem or maintenance-wise?
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    Re: Earthquake Gas Shutoff Valves

    They use to be blue color. Didnt know they were still in business. Very limited sizes and not universal.

    Try littler fire fighter or koso. Those are the 2 that I install and have the best stock, sizes and configurations.

    They all false trip. Had 3 from different makers all trip on a 3.5 we had located 6 miles away.

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      Re: Earthquake Gas Shutoff Valves

      I stick with Koso (California Valves) because they here a complete line of valves, including flanged valves (2-1/2"-8"), horizontal, vertical up and vertical down.


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        Re: Earthquake Gas Shutoff Valves

        Koso is tops in my book, with great selection (up to 8").