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  • Old Pump

    We ran a water line out to a new shop the other day for a guy, i thought this old pump looked cool

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    Re: Old Pump

    So how would that work? The pulley is hooked up to an engine of some other source or can you just hand pump it with the big lever?

    Very cool piece of nostalgia.


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      Re: Old Pump

      if one was using the pump jack (powered) the handle would be disconnected,

      attached is a picture of an add about 1920

      missing is the pitman arms off the pump jack, and the head that would hook to the pump rod, most of the pump head had a spring loaded pin for easily unhooking from the hand pump,

      they used them on wind mills as well, and the wind mill would be disconnected as well if a pump jack was hooked up and vise versa.

      one of the reason the disconnection was done as many times the stroke of the hand pump and the stroke of the pump jack most likely would be different.

      the stroke on the windmill would be different, also either the pump jack or the windmill head would bind and break some thing if connected,

      here is a direction page on how to use a dempster pump jack and set it up a lot of pictures
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        Re: Old Pump

        Sorry for the double post
        I messed with the pump while the glue was drying on the last joints
        Nothing moved


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          Re: Old Pump

          That's a first for me and I've been around a lot of pumps. I knew the gears were for a Pump Jack, but had just never saw one like that before.