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New In-place Roll Groover

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  • New In-place Roll Groover

    Ridge Tool is pleased to announce the 915 Roll Groover. The 915 Roll Groover will take the place of our 914 Roll Groover. The 915 has the added capacity of 4"-6" Schedule 40 as well as 8"-12" Schedule 10 with roll set change-outs. The 915 will come equipped with a ratchet and a roll set for 2"-6" Schedule 10/ 2"-3 1/2" Schedule 40 Pipe. Other available roll sets are 1 1/4"-1 1/2" Schedule 10/40, 4"-6" Schedule 40, 8"-12" Schedule 10, and 2"-8" Copper Tubing. The steel roll sets will also roll groover stainless steel! A handy carring case was designed to protect the groover and all of the rollsets. The 915 will be available for delivery in mid July. Look for web photos soon!