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    Originally posted by ironranger View Post
    All done with American Standard toilets. I've tried them all and in my opinion they have all failed. I said I wouldn't buy them again and yet I bought a new Champion 4 for my own house and it's a constant problem. When flushed the flush valve thingy turns a little on the chain, a little each time until the chain tightens up and it won't seal properly making the toilet run. It takes a couple of weeks to do it but it's very regular. Why I didn't take my own advice and install a Gerber Avalanche is beyond me. Sorry American Standard, all done with you.
    When you install the Avalanche, do yourself a favor and remove the blue 3" Gerber flapper. It'll fail in a year anyway. Then install the green Fluidmaster 3" flapper made with the rigid hinge assembly (forget the #). Make certain the air hole is minimized. Then flush the toilet and watch the sweetest flush you've seen in years.
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