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Posting photos trouble

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  • Posting photos trouble

    I've posted on a few forums before but never had trouble like I'm having here. Any advice?

    Thx in advance. David

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    Re: Posting photos trouble

    Probably not you. The forum has been real hit or miss with software issues this past year.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Posting photos trouble

      1 right click image and choose Copy image location

      2 Choose "from url"

      3 then paste the image location there

      4 uncheck that box that says; retrieve remote file...

      5 click insert image

      (Your right, it is screwed up)
      Last edited by johncameron; 09-22-2013, 08:49 PM. Reason: cant post a photo (ah the irony)


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        Re: Posting photos trouble

        Keep the file small. Think KB instead of MB.

        Then, this particular forum seems to "hold" pictures and links for a little while between clicking Post and when it will actually show up. Sometimes several seconds or even a minute.

        Will just work, work, work and then show up.

        Or it doesn't seem to show up so you get frustrated and go away from it. Then go back and it's loaded & posted.

        It's an aggravating hiccup.