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    Re: Pick Your Minds

    Just playing devils advocate here to try and better understand the value proposition of the described device. The tractor camera sounds very cool but does not sound inexpensive and so must provide sufficient information and or services which would justify the investment.

    Does anyone envision how the tractor head can proceed through clumps / bundles of roots? Can it slice / dice / eviscerate and otherwise dispose of the roots to such a degree that it can proceed forward? A jetter head could be the answer if a means can be developed to pull the tractor camera back away from the violent thrashing that occurs, at the jet head.

    Imagine a line plugged by roots, or a collapsed pipe, and the line is loaded with a kaka brew that's all stirred up. Visibility is essentially zero. What value does the tractor camera offer the operator in this case? Let's posit none. So the tractor head moves ahead in blindness untill it comes to some obstruction that stops it. Now, maybe you can determine the blockage cause or maybe not depending on the opacity of the kaka stew. In this scenario what added value does the tractor camera provide?

    BTW: I think I recall reading somewhere a while back about a sewer camera that has a tilt / pan head. (So it might already be available.) But that configuration might have been on a tool meant for lining. (I don't recall exactly enough. Apparently.)

    In any event it's a very interesting idea, and I hope something can come of it.
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      Re: Pick Your Minds

      good points geno. The reason I think a crawler would be a good idea is not having to fight pushing the camera out over 100' through a few turns and a few small off set.

      I could use the crawler going from a septic tank to a house hopefully I could turn into any wye's I come across

      Boy howdy having the camera pull itself down cast iron would be way better then me trying to push down cast iron. actually part of the reason for me wanting a jetter is to be able to pull my camera down a line.


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        Re: Pick Your Minds

        If a line is full of roots and other muck, a pushrod camera would have trouble seeing in the line as well. The reason I am doing a research paper on building a crawler to do 4" and 6" sewer with the ability to make turns is the fact after so many turns with a push camera, it gets very tough to get out very far. Were the crawler can pull itself down stream with out to much effort on the operator. Now since the operator is not fighting a pushrod to get the camera down the pipes, he/she can pay closer attention on what they are seeing in the line.

        The ideas of root cutters, grabbers, water jet are all great, just it adds to the size of the crawler and makes it more difficult to maneuver through turns. But I do have some ideas to include to have some special functions that may be of help. As for durability and cost, that is something that will be dealt with after a basic prototype is made. Have to do this in steps, first step would be a crawler that can navigate through out a sewer system and back, then would add a camera system with pan and tilt, then add other features one by one while maintaining the maneuverability of the crawler. Once its figured out then I would work on the durability like waterproofing, drop proofing, and plumber proofing the unit.

        This survey was just to meet the requirement for a research paper I have to write for my Composition 1 class. I picked this subject due to the fact for my Capstone project I want to build a crawler that can move through 4" and 6" pipes and make the turns as needed. I also plan on doing this through a minimum conductor cable, which means programing on my part for the controller to talk to the crawler. As I progress through my schooling I will keep you all up to date on my different projects that will lead to my Capstone project.
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