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  • Now i seen every thing

    Realtor call , kit and lav were clogged at a old rent house
    Put the traps back on and cleaned the drains
    I noticed the fancy pull handle on the toilet
    It worked good (no comprenda tenant)

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    Re: Now i seen every thing

    LMAOOOOO. I love this, I thought I was the only one who ever saw something like this. I didn't get a picture but you sure did. I had to answer a call at a Section 8 rental apt. (That's govt. assisted housing) and the tenant had this contraption setup like this. I thought to myself if you were this smart to come up with this, why couldn't you pay 5 bucks at Home Depot and just put the right thing on. This seems like more work. Hey I love this picture man. The Life of a plumber. LOL
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    crap flows downhill, and checks come on Friday"


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      Re: Now i seen every thing

      As good as the string worked ! I still put a tank lever on so it flushed like a normal toilet