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How often do you "Rat Out" ?

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  • How often do you "Rat Out" ?

    You bid on a job ... loose it to an unlicensed "Hack" do you call it in ?

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    Re: How often do you "Rat Out" ?

    if licensing and permits are needed...then


    depends on how the customer treated me and if i've had run-ins with the hack before. if i do, i let them get about halfway done before i call...

    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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      Re: How often do you "Rat Out" ?

      Bid a job for GC I work for last week where I was at $248,600 and the other guy was at $200K. I was asked to come down. I said no. They then grilled the other guy to see that he covered everything. By the time they were done he'd raised his price to $225K. At which point I said I'd split the difference with the owner (who is the real problem in the vignette) which comes to 11,800. Waiting for their answer, I did a background check on the other guy (who I'd never heard of). Of 7 suppliers in the area one had him open with minimal activity over the last year, one had him on cash and the rest had never heard of him. WTF, is this guy buying his mat from HD? How's he gonna do a $1/4 million job without a supplier?
      They went with my number, saying their only concern was my ability to man it. I said if that's all you're worried about, I guess I can keep the $11,800. No go there, but I put a little in originally just for just such a contingency. Not my first rodeo.