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Heatworks Water Heater

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  • Heatworks Water Heater

    Will it fly off the shelves of your local big box store?

    Football-Sized Units Could Replace Your Bulky Hot Water Tank |

    Yes, I know another Blaze article.

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    Re: Heatworks Water Heater

    No chance. Temperature rise creates too many problems for these ideas.



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      Re: Heatworks Water Heater

      Well first off, it's not even a product that can be bought yet. They are trying to get kickstarter funds to get it off the ground.

      Secondly, you can't ever overcome the physics. It's always going to take x to get y. Always. Only question is the efficiency transfer. While I find the graphite electrode interesting, and think it might be one of those things where they accidentally change the world with it somewhere else they didn't plan, the standard immersion element is almost 100% transfer efficient. (Think that's right.)

      Finally, it uses 48 AMPS to produce 2.0 GPM. So it won't even run a showerhead. Then if you were to install say....3 of them, you would need 144 AMPS of power, just for these heaters.

      It's just another small point of use heater without much change. Don't know if they'll get it kickstarted or not. But I see no reason to get excited or start planning many or any of their installations.