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Code update classes required for plumbing license renewal in your State?

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  • Code update classes required for plumbing license renewal in your State?

    I'm scheduled to sit through a 4 hour plumbing code update class tomorrow morning and am curious as to what other States, provinces or territories have similar requirements.

    In this State we are required to pay for and attend an update course whenever there is a major code overhaul. This is typically done every three years here in Michigan and follows close on the heels of a new code being enacted and new code books printed. Basically, it's a bunch of revisions, additions or deletions to the existing code.

    Without taking this course, which must be taught by a State certified instructor, we will not be able to renew our license at the next license renewal cycle. (Masters renew every 3 years and journey plumbers renew theirs annually)

    Does anyone else deal with this in their trade and locale?

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    In NY each municipality has it's own licensing program. Some, which have no Building Dept, honor licenses from other townships. There are no code class update requirements. Each year I submit my insurance forms and give to the money grab.

    I hold 2 licenses for 3 major municipalities here. I was just granted Williamsville/Amherst TODAY!

    Both my licenses required taking a written test which had math, computation, dates, and code application problems. One was open book, the other you were allowed only what was in your head.

    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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      Congrats on the Amherst license that's next on my list.

    • Plumber Punky
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      Thanks BP, it wasnt the easiest one. Theirs is "what you know in your head". It's a $100 fee to take, you need a 75% to pass. They say to study the NY State 2010 Code book but they havent updated the test to reflect it yet. They schedule 3 hours to take it, expect to spend more time driving to get there than it takes to complete the test. Read the code book twice. Once a month before the test, once a day before. It's not so bad, it's a lot shorter than the IPC book.

      You are allowed a pen, pencil, paper, and a basic calculator. no cell phones, no references. know your ancient terminology and constants. 'corporation cock' got me...i would have gotten above 90% if I had gotten that one correct.

      expect the old timers to eye you up if you look young. they couldnt believe i have a master's license achieved completely on my own without being under another plumber. you will need a notarized statement from the master plumber you studied under even if you didnt get your license while with that person. it's retarded.
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    We have to record 4 hours of continuing education per year and renew our license every 2 years.



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      14 hrs. every 2 years in FL.
      Gonna do it on line next year...
      if this business don't kill me first.