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    OK a buddy of mine has a dual check back flow preventer on the incoming water main.Calls me up and says he thinks the floor drains backing up.So i go out there floor drains fine.He says but i notice water around the drain at times.After looking around i realized that there's no expansion tank on the heater.I was always thought that if there's a back flow preventer u need to have an expansion tank.Anyway he has two heaters in line.ones 10 yrs old ones 5 yrs old .i would assume that the reason the one failed so soon was the added stress on the tank without an expansion tank.Now I've convinced him to replace the 10 yr old tank because it's starting to leak from the bottom and I'd not holding a consistent temperature. At the same time put an expansion yank on each water heater ...He's convinced that he would only need one but i have always thought that for every 40 gallons of heated water you would need at least a 2.5 gallon expansion tank.He has two 40 gallon heaters so would he be OK with one 5 gallon expansion tank or two 2.5 tanks on on each side.