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Toothy obstruction.

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  • Toothy obstruction.

    got a call for a plugged toilet at the public library this was what I found. it's just a little too funny not to share.
    Should I turn this in to lost and found? Lol. Yup. Just a little plugged.

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    Wonder if they can be sanitized and used safely ?


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      The auger wouldn't pluck them out


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        Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
        The auger wouldn't pluck them out

        I had a similar job 2 years ago at a residential home. I couldn't grab them with the hooked auger and they would not fit through the rear opening. Home owners said they didn't know who's they were and to break them apart to get them out, so I did


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          I found some Ina senior living home and they had been missing for a year. Can't figure out how they did not notice them missing.


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            They may need to use some floss to get the stuff out between the teeth


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              i had a similar experience a few years back. got a call to a house with a blocked toilet and multiple family members arriving an a few hours. I go over, open the clean out, run the camera and the line is clear back to the toilet. I go inside to see what's going on and people are arriving dressed as if for church. pop the toilet, line is clear, push the camera as far as I can and see some pink looking material that I can't get to budge with a wire hook. I ask the lady of the house if she knows what if is and she replies, "Oh, those are my daughter's dentures."

              this strikes me as funny and as i am about to laugh something in my head screamed, "DON'T!!" she then goes on to explain her daughter had just passed from cancer. the medicine was making her sick and she was getting to go to the hospital when she had a bout of vomiting and passed out. they rushed her to the hospital where she died a few hours later. no one missed the dentures until the next morning when family and friends were to come over. suddenly the toilet wouldn't flush. thus the call to me.

              whatever voice in my head that told me not to laugh prevented a very embarrassing moment for me. that also was my only time to have dentures cause a blockage
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