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Effects of chloramine on brass fittings?

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  • Effects of chloramine on brass fittings?

    Are the poly alloy fittings better then brass fittings as far as corrosion resistance in a system with the presence of chloramine? Pex tubing seems to be the choice to replace the type M copper with the pin holes in these instances. I haven't used the polyalloy fittings, but the brass fittings seem to be a poor choice in this instance. Any issues with the polyallow fittings with the crimp rings? Cracking or splitting? Viega brand vs Everflow?

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    FYI, This is post may cause anger, frustration, and maybe trigger the Apocalypse, but I will share what I know, and only what I have experienced. There are millions of ways and products to use, and I respect all ways, and will say that you must find what works for you. Many factors come into play, like supply house stock, water quality, etc. So here goes my 2 cents. Please be kind all haters. Hugs for you.

    I put in Qest Piping with my dad back in the 80's and until the last shipment came in, We did not have the problems that the rest of the country have, and he still goes back to homes that we built back then. We were mad, when it was discontinued in Oklahoma, but we were able to switch to Zurn, and all was happy. We had looked into Wirsboro, but the expensive tool, and the lack of supply houses carrying it, scared us. We were working at a Research lab and did numerous tests on several Pex back then. All seemed to be good and better for Oklahoma's hard water than copper. Fast forward to 1999, I moved to San Diego, and I saw first hand the problems with Qest. It was foreign to me, I had not seen anything like it and I was mad that the product had ever been made. CA, did not allow pex. I went back to Copper and life Sucked as I knew it. 2003, I moved to the GREAT State of TEXAS., and they allowed Pex in most cities, I was happy until the Term LEAD FREE came onto my Radar. Most companies started experimenting with the fittings. Zurn and many got sued. I went on a Walk about with Pex and found Uponor. I met with them, Performed some tests of my own, and decided to use them for many reasons. #1 The Brass fittings were heavier. #2 The fittings were larger, thus closer to copper size #3 The poly fittings. I put all poly fittings on the market at that time through vigorous testing. Pressure, heat, pull, crush, nick, etc. I am not a lab, but I felt good about the tests. The uponor fittings held up the best out of all. I have been installing them since 2009 and very happy. I am concerned, because I hear other plumbers in other parts of the Country having problems, but I see more slab leaks with copper than I ever have anywhere else. Our water here has become Crap. 21 grains of hardness 8.0 PH(depending on time of year), 4.8 Chloramine PPM and less than 1.0 ppm chlorine. Oh, and the dirt eats the pipe from the outside in. It has been a little hard to find uponor fittings and pipe, because most plumbers use the Cheap crap here. I usually have to go to 4 supply houses to fill an order quickly. I am concerned that it will all fail, but I don't know where else to go. Schedule "K" copper and Braze everything? I mostly work on Residential repair these days, and cost is a factor for most of my clients. Good luck. Hope this has helped.
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      In 1986, we did a 180 unit apartment complex in Quest Poly B. Last time I checked, a couple of years ago it was still in use. No re-pipes. Only thing that has been repaired has been the PVC water services.
      Back then my now 77 y/o apprentice, calibrated the crimp tools every morning and after lunch. Go figure.