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    This is the dig job I did for my cousin. It was difficult mainly due to the space constraints - closeness to the house, closeness to the property line, gas lines, water lines, etc. I had obtained a written permission slip to cross the neighbor's land, which I protected with plywood. There is no cellar in this house. The old lateral was 6" clay with concrete in the hubs. There was only 1 bathroom group for the entire 6" line I did have to make 2 repairs to the storm sewer, just visible in the second last picture. The curved steel pipe is an ancient abandoned drain line (1.25").

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    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder

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    Well don't that look like a whole lot of no fun


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      Where I live in Auss we have to lay the new sewerage pipe on 1/4" minus stone and at least half way up the pipe we have to lodge a application before we start and 5% are pressure tested before you can cover the new piping with clean fill dirt what are your regs



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        here the code states that as long as it is on a solid base, with no large stones, it can be set and backfilled with clean fill. I have a solid clay base and clean fill.

        here's where I get PO'd. This state is a cluster of regulations. The town came in to verify their permit/inspection. They said "good to go!" can backfill. The county came in and said, " uhh, we dont know if we can allow this. it doesnt look like my picture." honest to god, they have a cartoon they compare the installation to.

        the inspector said, "didnt you get this paper with your permit?"

        Me: No. I talked to Paul, he only gave me the permit.

        Him: We always have problems with Paul. Sorry, you need to do it this way (4" gravel below and 6" above.)

        Me: That's contrary to section 306 of the plumbing code.

        Him: (evil eye). (Multiple calls back and forth to the head office.) (1/2 hour goes by) I have other problems with this. We need another cleanout after the trap cleanout and one between the 45 degree angles. The depth is insufficient.

        Me: The depth is deeper than previous. It's at 18". You approved the last depth. It was AT GRADE.

        Him: The trap is 5 feet down you have lots of pitch. The frost line was 44" last year. (he laughs)

        Me: (measuring tape) The trap is down 43 inches from grade - 2" deeper than original. Your MAIN is at 46". So then you're telling me I have to set BELOW 44" at the house and then pump UP to your main. You do know this house has no cellar and will require a complete repipe for this. You may incur a lawsuit.

        Him: (evil eye) (more calls to office) Well I guess we can let you have the 18". We have no codes regarding the depth for residential. But I still want 4" below and 6" above. Move the trap and add another cleanout after it. Add another cleanout between the 45's.

        Me: So you want the existing cleanout at the start of the lateral, come down 50 feet to another cleanout, come down another 18 feet to the trap/cleanout, then 2 feet to another cleanout?

        Him: Yes. And I will pick 3 random spots for you to dig it and prove there's stone there.

        Me: (in my head - you're a complete F'k-tard) No problem.

        So I reset all the crap he wanted and my cousin and I dug the pipe by hand without removing it. It will get 6" below and 6" above. There's also the problem of removing all the unneeded dirt afterwards. My cousin's father works for another utility who partners with the sewer dept. The inspector is about to have a world of problems befall him.

        ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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          what a Dick Head ! He'd fit in S.F. NICELY
          I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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            This is why permits don't get pulled!
            Buy cheap, buy twice.


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              And the inspector probably can't sweat a joint !
              I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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                Had a very Similar problem in Mt prospect ill...repaired a 6 " lateral when we got the permit we asked what material is acceptable. ..he said sdr.with push fittings and ferncos...I said are you sure? It's in the same ditch with the water main...he says yes I want sdr...I said ok...we complete the job ..the inspector comes out ... looks at the work..spits out his tobacco juice and days nope...pull that out of there...i said serious? He says yea...I said what's the problem? He says it's in the same ditch with the wat er service...yea no sh!t sherlock. ..I told u that when I pulled the permit...he laughs and deny s it..i pull out the paperwork and sure as sh!t there's his signature. Well I don't care it out ..put in schedule 40 with solvent weld joints and non sheer mission couplings...just because we were out of towners....smh...


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                  On top of that they required a half a million dollar bond!!!!! To do a sewer repair...half a million...just to mess with us...I live in indiana but i dont do any work here...all my work is in chicago and the south suburbs. .i never did work in this town...and he made darn sure that I wouldn't do one agsin..there was a plumber doing a job 3 blocks I asked him what's the bond for this repair? ? He said one hundred thousand....I just shook my head and said f this
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