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Fluidmaster Ballcock Nut

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  • Fluidmaster Ballcock Nut

    What's up with this cheap nut fluidmaster sends with the PRO 45 B fill valves? Granted, it makes up fast, but it worries me.
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    Personally, I would not lay awake at night worrying about it. I never had any to split on me. I guess you could by some brass ones if you're that worried.
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      I suppose the purpose is to not allow a pair of channel locks to be used on it. There's no hex and the ears would just snap off. Mark could probably address that since that sort of disaster is his forte (so to speak).
      I don't know about you but after almost 40 years of plumbing etc, my thumb/finger tightening strength has made a steep decline.
      "Man will do many things to get himself loved, he will do all things to get himself envied." Mark Twain


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        i was actually recruited to take part in the fluidmaster roundtable over 10 years ago before the pro45b ballcock was introduced. all it was designed for was to give the plumber a "better" choice than what the homeowner had available at the retail end. honestly a big waste of money for those that think they're getting something better. although i did get paid to sit in on the discussion, i wasn't sold for the need for a brass shank.

        yes, the plastic nut with ears is to eliminate over torquing of the nut.

        if you want a simple tool to tighten the nuts, just take a 1.25'' piece of pvc and file 2 slots into it. or buy the fancy all in one ridgid tool that works very nicely for faucets and feed lines.

        phoebe it is


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          I wondered the same thing. I thought I picked up the nut off the old ball cock because of how thin the new one was.


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            +1. And why have a brass shank if you're going to thread a plastic supply nut on it?