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some pics of us splitting big boulders over a sewer

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  • some pics of us splitting big boulders over a sewer

    Here is a neat little job link where we had 2 granite boulders over a sewer line that was 9 feet deep and the rocks combined with the sprinkler system has sheared the sewer pipe at the foundation wall. With the 2 houses so close it was one of those jobs you had to have a plan to get done lol.
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    very impressive. tell me more about that expanding powder.

    phoebe it is


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      Thanks so much ! This is the post of the week , but folks at Ridgid won't let me vote ! This forum is going down hill from what it use to be ! I'm ready to give up on it.
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        Tool, What do you mean on the vote thing? I know for a short while we had post of the week but that has been gone for a long time...

        If there are areas you want improved please speak out instead of just saying we have issues. If we don't know about something we cant fix it.


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        We'll in the years the input has has dwindled. This post on splitting the boulder had such interest , it was a wake up call to Me. the post of the week was fun and We had it for a long time. Josh , this is no reflection on You, it it is what it is. A lot of good Guys have left. Be well Tool

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      looks like a lot of work, looks like you did good
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        The expanding agent is called dexapan and is sold online, I have found it for sale locally as a generic no name product but did not try it because I needed to know it would actually work. The holes are 1.5" we tried 1.25 " before and it did not work so 1.5" is the deal. The tool to drill is air powered rock drills because they blow air down the center of the bits and it is always blowing the dust out so the bit does not seize in the hole, and it goes pretty dam fast compared to a roto hammer. We started doing this when we would find boulders in our path of a sewer burst, it's kind of a bummer to tell the people we are delayed 24 hours to continue but boulders are boulders lol.
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          Fantastic Job - Always nice to see an unusual or interesting job & skills being applied to achieve a great outcome - thanks for sharing.


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            That is very interesting indeed! Good job.
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              Here is an update on doing this, the 24 hour thing got old telling the people that they had to go to a motel so now we do it this way.


              Way faster and we control the job. This is for a sewer spot repair under a big rockery. Yes I did a terrible job on the video itself , I always remember Rick saying turn the phone sideways and I do but it auto corrects and ruins the vid but hey the content is cool.
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                Nice job.
                For help with rotating videos during post processing, see this.
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